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Lisa Young,

School Psychologist

Waugh School District:

    "I have worked with Charles Wattenberg for the past 16 years as he has provided supervision to the MFT interns in our school district, as well as staff and parent trainings.In addition, Petaluma Learning and Guidance has provided a referral source for high quality tutoring and counseling for families and children outside of school.I have always known Charles to be the utmost professional who is conscientious,thorough and dependable. He consistently provides invaluable insight and thoughtful recommendations to assist the school staff in helping children and families."

Tracie Kern,


Cinnabar Charter School:

    "Cinnabar school has partnered with Petaluma Learning & Guidance Center to positively collaborate with our staff, students and families in serving our students better together. Petaluma Learning & Guidance Center is responsive and flexible in adapting to the unique needs of our school and district. Cinnabar's staff has benefitted from their socio-emotional student support trainings as well as the solution-based relationship they provide in meeting the needs of all our students. "

John Walker,


St. Vincent High School:

    "The Petaluma Learning & Guidance Center has been a marvelous resource for the students,teachers and counselors at St. Vincent High School.We are very grateful for the support they have provided for our educational mission in a variety of areas.

    Our students regularly benefit from the guidance of PLGC tutors. These tutors are skilled in all subject areas, and their instructional methods are highly individuated,effectively targeting our students' specific needs. PLCG tutors are sensitive to differentiated learners,and they teach to multiple intelligences across a broad spectrum of learning modalities.

    Our students also receive the profound benefits of PLGC therapeutic support services; with our support from PLGC, they develop social skills, build confidence, and enhance their emotional intelligence.

    An additional benefit we have enjoyed from PLGC is the educational guidance they have provided for our counselors,administrators,and teachers.The PLGC has educated us to reach a broader spectrum of learners; they have assisted our construction of individualized education plans,and they have helped us enhance our curriculum and pedagogical practices.

    We have long enjoyed the benefits of a fruitful collaboration from PLGC,and we enthusiastically recommend their services to students,families, and institutions who are seeking educational and instructional support."



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